Top 10 list from Home Building industry

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The Top 10 encouraging statements

regarding the home building industry today


Thanks to depreciation in housing prices and record low mortgage rates, housing at this point is more affordable than it has been in at least a generation.

Frank Anton – Hanley Wood CEO, April 2009


The latest encouraging signs came Wednesday, with the government reporting that orders for machinery and equipment posted surprising gains last month and that more buyers, lured by low prices, returned to the housing market.

Annya Shin and Renae Merle, LA Times, March 2009


Since we began tracking the data for the major MSA’s in 1981, there has never been a better time to buy a home.

John Burns – John Burns Real Estate Consulting, March 2009


There are some pieces of information that reconfirm that we are very near the bottom.

David Crowe – NAHB Chief Economist, March 2009


The upside is inventory slipped 31 percent year to year even with meager sales because construction is almost nonexistent. Smaller inventory is necessary for a correction.

Eugene James – Metrostudy Atlanta Division Director, February 2009


The number of newly issued residential building permits, ticked up 3% in February from January. Government data showed that sales of new single-family homes increased 4.7%, the first increase in the market in seven months.

Annya Shin and Renae Merle, LA Times, March 2009


I think we’re at a bottom now. A housing market turnaround should begin in June or July, led by existing homes because prices have plummeted. The new-home recovery will follow.

Steve Palm – President of SmartNumbers (Marietta) February 2009


. . . the signs that we’re reaching the bottom are clearly there. Prices for homes have gotten into a realm that is starting to make sense. You are starting to see the beginning of an increase in sales. You’re starting to see the basic signs that assets are getting back to a level that makes sense. When you add this all up, we’re moving through this.

Christopher Thornberg – UCLA’s Anderson Forecast economist, March 2009


Mortgage rates continue to fall, reaching their lowest level in nearly 40 years. The Fed’s overnight lending target rate remains at a range of 0.00% to 0.25%, which is the lowest level on record . . .

John Burns – John Burns Real Estate Consulting, March 2009


You Can Do It !

Dale Peek, Architect – Peek Design Group, March 2009

OK folks, it is going to take all of us encouraging one another if we are going to make an impact. I have talked with many of you and know you have some great ideas and insightful things to say – so don’t be shy - make a comment right here so we all can share in your positivity. This blog provides you a tremendous platform from which to share your wonderful wit and wisdom with hundreds of others who you would otherwise never be able to reach – so wow us with your good sense and your success stories so we can all be encouraged and enlightened and entertained (e3).

Dale Peek

President – Peek Design Group


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