Atlanta Georgia Breaking News Jumbo Rates Lowest since 2003

Atlanta, GA by Peter Bright at Capital City Mortgage Investments writes the rates have not looked this good since 2003. Some fixed options exist at low as 5.5 % FIXED 30 year or 4.625(7 year ARM) with low or no closing costs. If you have at rate higher than 5.75% on either a fixed or ARM it makes to check out the many ways to save money or consider a 15 year term. 15 year terms rates have dipped into the 4% area! This really can allow you to crunch some principle on that jumbo mortgage! Bankrate's website showed this afternoon A.P.R.'s on Atlanta Jumbo mortgage money from 3.25% to 5.54% on a number on loans available. If I can help quote please call or click for a quick quote. javascript:void(0)

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