Effective Strategies For Selling A Timeshare In A Recession

According to the American Resort Development Association, there are more than 4 million timeshare owners across the United States. There are ample buying opportunities, but what if you want to sell your timeshare?

In this 4-minute piece with NBC's The Today Show, Barbara Corcoran talks about the difficulties today's timeshare sellers face with respect to a down economy, revealing sales strategies in the meanwhile.

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Among the advice:

* Know what your share's worth, then lower it by 20%
* Don't overlook obvious marketing techniques
* Consider auction sites to sell a timeshare
* Donating to charity open up tax breaks

Selling timeshares is always more difficult than selling a "regular" home; and today's recessionary economy doesn't make it any easier. Watch the complete clip for more tips on selling timeshares at MSNBC.com.

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